All you need to know about MELTing into Pilates

MELTING into Pilates

I am so excited to be launching my new face to face MELTing into Pilates classes in September as I know it will enhance my clients’ Pilates experience. This blog explains all about MELTing into Pilates and some of the benefits.

We have all heard of Pilates and the benefits that Pilates can bring. I have been a Pilates Instructor for over 10 years and have enjoyed teaching both face to face and online classes during this time. As a form of exercise, Pilates is a great way to help people become more aware of their bodies and to help mobilise and strengthen their joints and muscles. However, as a Pilates instructor I always felt there was a missing link, because although Pilates does help to make many changes, quite often injuries still linger and clients still have stiffness in their joints.

It is also a challenge for clients to “find their core” as it is a difficult concept to comprehend and requires the brain to be actively thinking about “engaging the core” which in reality is difficult to achieve. In my many years as a Pilates Instructor, I’m not always sure all my clients really understood this concept. Then, 18 months ago, I was introduced to MELT, through another Pilates Instructor. She suggested I train to become a MELT Instructor, which I did last September. When I began to MELT before I did Pilates, I was able to feel in my own body, that I was able to perform Pilates exercises with better control and connection by hydrating my body first, through MELT compression and lengthening techniques. Our connective tissue supports, protects and stabilises us. However, through daily repetitive activities, we are dehydrating our connective tissue. As our tissue becomes more dehydrated, we are not able to move as well as would like and our joints become stiff and achy. If we then try and perform exercise with stiff, immobile bodies, whether it is going for a run, cycle, playing tennis or doing Pilates, we will not perform as well as would like.

As a Pilates Instructor, I want my clients to get the best out of their Pilates session, so by adding MELT techniques to the class, clients will start to get more from their Pilates practice as there will be less wear and tear on the joints and less compensation. Compensation in our bodies is inevitable. Maybe you have an injury, or you have had an operation or you are suffering from a trauma, whatever the reason, the brain will always find the easiest route to perform a task. This then leads to more compensation and then could result in further injury. In MELT, we perform specific moves and exercises, which help to override these faulty communication paths, by reintegrating and re-patterning the neural pathways through our sensory nervous system. They are very specific movements, but once you learn how to do them properly, all movement becomes so much easier as the brain knows exactly what neuro pathway to follow. Having performed these movements on both myself and my clients, I can tell you it really works and then clients start to get more benefits from their Pilates classes as they are able to perform the Pilates moves with better form which in turn helps to improve spinal flexion, pelvic positioning and also improves overall core control. This is exactly what you will learn in my new MELTing into Pilates classes.

The combination of Pilates and MELT will also help to decrease the risk of spinal compression and fixation in the ribs which can then cause strain in the neck and low back, common areas of pain for my clients. Some of my Pilates clients have seen such differences in their bodies, they have been kind enough to share their experiences.

“I am so pleased to have found Lisa and her MELT classes. Lisa is a great teacher and MELT is making such a difference to my life. 2 months ago I was wanting to have another steroid injection in my knee to be able to continue with all the fitness activities I love. Thanks to the benefits of MELT I no longer want this. I can go on long bike rides with no knee pain and sleep without neck pain. Words can’t describe how good MELT is you really need to try it.”

“What can I say about MELT except WOW! I was slightly sceptical at first but after my initial session with Lisa I was amazed. I have now been with Lisa for about 8 months and I can’t praise her or MELT enough. 2 1/2 years ago I had a major shoulder operation which still niggled but completing at least one MELT treatment daily means I have little discomfort now, my mobility is improving and it doesn’t’ matter whether I only have time for my foot treatment I can feel the benefits in my shoulder too. Lisa is an excellent, enthusiastic teacher and knows when to add additional or increase moves to get more out of my daily practice. I would advise everyone to try MELT – it will change your life”

I can’t wait for you to join me in my new face to face MELTing into Pilates classes in September! The Pilates moves performed in class will feel more natural and clients will achieve better results as they will be able to achieve the actual intent of the exercise and feel the changes in the body. A list of classes and prices or to book your place, please click here. MELT does require you to use soft balls and rollers and I will be providing all the MELT kit, so you only need to bring yourself, a mat and some water. I can’t wait to see you there!