Keep up with your routine this Summer!

Routine this Summer, MELT roller on holiday

Finally, Summer has arrived and with it the anticipation of holidays, longer evenings and for some people a break from routine, especially when the school holidays begin. In this blog I’m encouraging everyone to keep on keeping on, and continue with your routine this Summer.

Summer can be the time when we take up something new or return to old hobbies.  Many people get inspired to try tennis again after Wimbledon, or rowing following the regattas.  Or some people return to old hobbies such as gardening or walking with the (hopefully!) improving weather. All these extra activities are fabulous but can take a toll on our bodies, so it is more important than ever to continue with MELT throughout the Summer months.  I have been teaching fitness for over 23 years and there is always a lull in the Summer months, which means it is often more difficult to get back into a routine when September arrives. As we enter my favourite months of the year, I can’t encourage you enough to continue with your routine this Summer.

I have just returned from a much needed holiday in Ibiza.  It was a glorious week away, but I’ll let you into a secret; sitting on a sun lounger and sleeping in a different bed, did mean I felt more stiff than usual. So it was more important than ever to continue with my routine, even whilst I was away. Every morning, whilst my husband swam, I did a MELT session and I felt so much better for it.  We also both did our hand and foot MELT treatments every day as we were doing lots of walking and when these treatments take less than 10 minutes to complete, there is really no excuse.

One really exciting change for me this year, is that now Jo, is working with me, we can continue to run all our classes over the Summer months.  This is a first for me, and it means that when I’m off in the Summer, the classes can continue, so again, no excuses to lose your routine.

The benefits of keeping up your regular MELT sessions speak for themselves and with my flexible booking and payment system, remember you don’t pay for the classes you can’t attend and you can mix and match your classes.  If coming to a face to face class is a challenge, especially in the school holidays, you can swap to one of my online classes. Remember that if you are here over the Summer, please take advantage of the 7 for 6 credits.  This will not only mean you get a class free, but you will have consistency as your classes will be booked in advance. A win-win! Maybe it is an opportunity to try perhaps the Advanced MELT class or my Cardio, Strength and Conditioning class on Saturday mornings. The other class we have added to the timetable is a Men’s Only class every Tuesday evening. You can view my latest timetable of classes here.

I love how MELT lets me do all the activities I love to do and I know a lot of you feel the same, so let’s keep your routine going. Experience has shown me that sometimes a break in routine, means you fall out of a routine, which then makes it harder to get back into a routine come September.

Let’s make MELT part of your summer regime and allow you to continue to all those activities that help to make summer so special. Let’s all keep on keeping on and I look forward to welcoming you to my classes so that we can all continue with our routine this Summer!