Through this page  I will be sharing articles, useful information and other resources which I often refer to in my Pilates and MELT classes.

The MELT Method

One of the questions I get asked all the time is what is the MELT Method. This short Youtube clip might help.

Meet your Vagus Nerve  - Gil Hedley

You've heard me talk about the Vagus Nerve. This short video will help you understand where it is in the body. You might be surprised

Fasciae & The Mystery of Chronic Pain

This is a 10 minute video that clearly explains how fascia works. I would encourage you to watch it as it might help you understand a little bit more why we need to MELT.

Fuzz Talk - Gil Hedley

This is a 5 minute video and I would recommend you watch it as it shows why it is so important that we move our bodies and why I am so passionate about teaching Pilates and MELT.

Connective Tissue vs Fascia: Learn Integral Anatomy with Gil Hedley

This is definitely worth a watch. It helps to explain how everything is connected and that not all connective tissue is fascia

Want to learn more about fascia? You might find this of interest.
You might find this interesting. The more you understand about fascia, the more you will understand your body šŸ˜€
Remember though not all connective tissue is fascia.


Watch this 3 minute video as it will show you how connective tissue lives within our body and why I am so passionate about sharing MELT and Pilates with you. Remember, connective tissue is a 3 dimensional fluid based matrix. This video shows this perfectly.

In this video Gil illustrates the structural variations of fiber thickness, proximity and layer-stacking of the dense regular fibrous fasciae also known as "deep fascia" or "fascia profunda."

Whole Body Stability

This is a very simple pie chart, but it shows how we need all the components in the chart to have whole body stability. Food for thought. If any part of the pie is out of kilter, it will effect all the other parts of the pie.

Have you ever wondered how you get stretch marks? If you have, you might find this of interest.

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