MELT classes will improve clients flexibility, mobility and posture. MELT also improves sleep and digestion, range of motion and after every session, clients will leave the class with a sense of reconnection and release to their body and feeling rebalanced.
MELT and Strength 
The  MELT and Strength class combines MELT moves with strength work.  By performing MELT exercises before clients begin the strength training section of the class, it prepares the body which ensures that the correct muscles are used when when performing any strength moves / lifting weights in the class.
MELT Performance 
The MELT Performance class has been designed for my more experienced MELT clients. This class will include more challenging MELT moves with some MELT compression and lengthening techniques.
Cardio, Strength and Conditioning
The Saturday 60 minute Cardio, Strength and Conditioning includes 10 minutes of MELT moves at the start of the class to prepare the body for the 45 minute session which is a mix of cardio and strength exercises and 5 minutes of MELT moves at the end of the session.  The 45 minute class on Thursday’s includes MELT moves at the end of the class.
Senior Strength and Conditioning
This class is suitable for the over 65’s and is the perfect class to improve mobility, balance and flexibility with MELT moves suitable to the participants.
Modified MELT 
This class is suitable for anyone who wants a class with basic MELT moves.  It is the perfect way to join a small class and enjoy a gentle session.
The Beginners class is for anyone just starting out with their MELT practice.  In the class, clients learn the basic moves of MELT.  It is recommended clients attend 6 weeks of Beginners classes before joining one of Lisa’s other classes.  This is only a guideline, but it is a great way to learn how to do the MELT moves.

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Before, you are able to join Lisa’s classes, you are required to have a 1-2-1 with Lisa in her studio.

Please email to enquire about availability and book.

Lisa uses GYMcatch to book classes.  Guidelines on how to use GYMcatch and FAQ's are available.