What is the MELT Method?

The MELT Method is a self-care treatment that eliminates chronic pain, improves performance and decreases accumulated stress caused by the repetitive postures and movements of everyday life.  MELT rehydrates the connective tissue, also known as fascia, rebalances the nervous system, and restores space to compressed joints. This is achieved using specialised soft rollers and balls to improve the hydration and fluid exchange in the connective tissue system.

By incorporating the MELT Method into your daily life, you can:

Calm the mind and ease pain symptoms

Improve sensorimotor control

Restore joint centralisation and stability

As a Pilates Instructor, I recognised that many of my clients had a lot of accumulated stress which impacted their movement and mobility.  MELT helps to improve flexibility, alignment, posture and joint mobility.

MELT is not only for people in chronic pain, it is for everyone, as we all do repetitive movements daily whether we are sat at our desks all day, participate in sports or are suffering from an injury. You can read more about my launch of the MELT Method in my blog.

I have been using MELT with a couple of my 1-2-1 clients and this is what one of my clients has to say:

Following recent surgery on my spine and finding myself in no less pain, Lisa encouraged me to try the Melt Method of self-care.  I took Lisa’s advice and with her reassurance and guidance, I am now using the melt balls and rollers on a daily basis.  It has helped give me the confidence to increase my mobility through exercise which is having a profound effect on my mental health.  I don’t know where I would be without Lisa’s support and teaching… probably hearing for a fusion –but not anymore!

OMG my pelvis has a life of its own now post MELT; it can move without taking everything else with it!! That was a bit of a MELT revelation yesterday.

I am improving my strength, overall balance in my body & having the tools/know how to fix bits if they get sore from other things as I know I am getting the positions right. I come out of classes floating & feeling at least an inch taller. My daily MELT practice is essential for me now, I’m active all day & I am so happy I found MELT (and lovely Lisa!) as I know it’s helping me prevent injuries. I love the “whole body, interconnected approach” of MELT.

Loved this morning's MELT class, I noticed that I don't think about engaging my core most of the time now. It just seems to happen, and I have so much less back and sciatic pain now. Definitely the way forward.

MELT Method equipment, MELT rollers and MELT balls