Making the most of Strength Training

Strength Training and MELT
As a Personal Trainer, I have always known the importance of strength training for both men and women. Many of my clients are women over 40 and they are often told about the benefits of strength training as they head into the peri/post menopausal stage of life. However, a lot of people aren’t aware that going head first into a strength training plan can create some issues for our bodies, as this is a time of change for us. It is not unusual for injuries to occur, which means that we get despondent and stop exercising. This blog looks at how we can make the most of strength training.
Step 1
I believe the best way to make the most of strength training is by combining MELT and strength training and is in fact one of the reasons why I became a MELT Instructor. By performing MELT exercises before we begin the strength training section of the class, it prepares the body which ensures that we are using the correct muscles when performing any strength moves / lifting weights. Through MELT compression, lengthening techniques as well as neurostrength moves (all MELT terms) we can prepare our bodies and get ready to perform the moves correctly, allowing improved results. In addition it means that we are not trying to exercise with stiff, immobile bodies which creates compensation in our bodies which could lead to injury.
Step 2
The middle section of the class concentrates on the strength moves, once are bodies are properly warmed up and fully prepared for strength training / lifting weights.
Step 3
We then finish the class with more MELT moves, because quite often, my clients are surprised how they have more tension in their backs and necks, once they have lifted weights. By adding in some MELT moves at the end of the class, it means my clients leave the class feeling stable and strong.  My clients are always telling me that the MELT/Strength classes are a game changer for them, which makes me very happy indeed!
One of my clients recently told me that her preferred exercise is aerobic/high intensity classes which also means high impact, “So joining Lisas MELT/Strength classes didnt seem like my cup of tea. However I am pleased to confess that the MELT and Strength class is perfect for rehydrating tissue whilst preparing me for the weights/strength work as well as ensuring that my body positioning is correct.  Love it!”
My Strength and MELT classes run every Friday morning at 9.30 at The Pavilion, at Crowthorne Tennis Club on Nine Mile Ride. After each class, you receive a recording so you can repeat the class in your own time. If you’d like to find out more, or have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch via You can find out more about MELT here. You can find details of all of my classes here.
Strength Training and MELT Class