MELT Feedback – What’s everyone talking about?

MELT Feedback, Lisa Hill with client

I have been teaching MELT since 2021 with some amazing results for my clients. Having been a Pilates Teacher for 12 years, I felt it was time to add to my repertoire which is how MELT came into my life. As a teacher, I tend to attract clients who are either suffering with an injury, wanting to stretch more or become more mobile in their everyday life. Pilates has definitely helped my clients achieve some of their goals, but when I added MELT into my practice, it took both my teaching and my clients well-being to a whole new level.

So what is MELT and how can it help? I can talk for hours about how MELT is a game changer and how my clients are now able do more in their everyday lives, but I thought, why don’t I get my clients to give me their MELT feedback on what MELT has done for them.

So here is a small selection of the very many quotes I have been delighted to receive from some of my clients with their MELT feedback, explaining how MELT has helped them.  It may give you food for thought and perhaps whet your appetite as to how MELT can change your life.

“As a newbie to MELT with a number of injuries, I was unsure as to whether it could make much difference. However, with Lisa’s patience, great teaching and encouragement I’ve found that the classes really help me to align and relax which is pretty good in itself. This week I nearly didn’t go as the pain in my neck was so severe, but I did and despite not being able to manage half the moves I still got such relief from my neck pain and improved motion that I could hardly believe it. I’ve also noticed that my sciatica seems to have gone. Thanks so much Lisa!”

“I wish everyone could feel the benefits of MELT as much as I do.  My major breakthrough of being able to sit on the floor without feeling pain in my back, shoulders and neck was overwhelming! I have some ways to go before full mobility is restored, but I have hope now which I haven’t had in years. Thank you, can’t wait for the next class.”

“It feels so good to be able to participate in physical activity again after not being able to for 15 months.”

“In common with a lot of people I have mild scoliosis and problem SI joints. After leaving a job where I spent much of my day on a computer my body was in constant pain. Melt is a game changer. I found it different but have persevered. The realisation with Lisa’s coaching that smaller movements combined with a stronger core can be so powerful has me hooked. After classes my body feels aligned and pain free. I literally melt into the floor and several times have fallen asleep at the end. It is still very much a journey for me but it is one I want to be on.”

“I have had no knee pain for a couple of weeks now. Squats are easier and I am walking further and faster than I have done for months. Just brilliant.”

“It’s actually magic!”

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the magic of MELT, please get in touch. You can learn more about MELT along with further testimonials here.