Please note if you are new to Pilates, you need to book onto a induction course to ensure you understand the techniques. The induction course is made up of two 1-2-1 sessions with Lisa, with a follow up 1-2-1 six weeks later to check on progress. Once you have completed the first two sessions, you are then free to join the online Pilates classes.
Clients can choose from a selection of Pilates classes depending on ability. All classes are accessible for whichever payment option you choose.
Mixed Ability Pilates Class
These classes are suitable for all abilities as I ensure that I give the right exercises to the right client. Part of my ethos is making sure I understand all my client’s individual needs, so I will always make sure that the exercises suit my client. The classes are themed and the content changes each week so we are always doing something different. Some examples are Posture Week, Stretch and Strength and Lower Body Week. This ensures that my clients are always challenged and don’t get bored.
Dynamic Flow Pilates Class
This class has been designed for my more experienced clients. The class is fast flowing and does not include modifications. It is a 45-minute class and includes some intermediate exercises. It is suitable for any client who can do a double knee fold and does not have any shoulder or back injuries. The Dynamic Flow Class runs term time every Friday.
Cardio, Strength and Conditioning.

Unlimited online Pilates classes plus access to the Video Library

This package gives you  unlimited access to live classes and full access to the video library

One Pilates class a week

This option gives you access to one class of your choice per week

Student - Pay as you go

Students are welcome to join a live class for just £5.00 per class.

Unlimited online MELT and Pilates combined package plus access to the video library

This package gives you unlimited access to both MELT Online and Pilates live classes  and full access to the video library

Pay as you go

This package is ideal for clients who want to attend a class but cannot commit to a 1/2 term block.  £10.00 for each class you attend.


Gift Vouchers available.