Online Classes

Clients can choose from a selection of classes depending on ability. All classes are accessible for whichever payment option you choose.

Balanced Fitness Class

Lisa’s online Balanced Fitness class brings together over 21 years of Lisa’s experience in the fitness industry, as a Personal Trainer, Pilates and MELT instructor.  These classes are a combination of Pilates, Cardio, Strength and Conditioning and MELT which means clients will get a session each week that will incorporate mobility, stability and strength exercises, as well as exercises to help you build your core strength. With the combination of these three disciplines, clients will feel stronger, fitter and be able to perform everyday tasks with more ease and less pain. Lisa’s classes are different each week and are themed.  Examples of the themed classes are Posture Week, Rest and Restore and Lower Body Week.

MELT Classes

These classes are suitable for clients who feel comfortable with the MELT moves and who have either attended a 6 week MELT Induction class or who have had 1-2-1’s with Lisa.  Lisa teaches three online classes a week which are all different. To be able to attend the online MELT classes, clients must have access to a MELT roller and a large and small soft MELT ball.  Clients who attend the online classes are expected to attend a MELT workshop or have a 1-2-1 with Lisa to ensure that Lisa can check the clients positioning on the roller and to ensure that the moves are being performed correctly. All clients who join these classes have access to the MELT recordings which are available for 30 days, as well as access to Lisa’s online Cardio, Strength and Conditioning classes and Lisa’s video library.

MELT Performance  

This class is suitable for clients with experience in attending MELT classes either face to face or online. This class includes more challenging MELT moves with some MELT compression and lengthening techniques. The class runs online every Friday at 7.30am during term time.

Cardio, Strength and Conditioning

These classes are a mix of cardio and strength exercises and Lisa uses her experience of over 20 years as a Personal Trainer to the classes Lisa changes the classes every week and never teaches the same class twice. The classes are suitable for all levels as Lisa will show modifications, although the classes are not suitable for clients who are suffering with an injury. To join the class, you will need dumbbells for the strength section of the class. Each week the classes are recorded and are then available on Lisa’s video library. Before joining the class, Lisa does ask her clients to complete a client questionnaire and possibly have a 1-2-1 if the client is new to exercise