MELT Classes

MELT Induction Course

All clients who wish to join the online MELT classes, need to complete an induction course first. The Induction Course enables Lisa to introduce the basic principles of MELT and ensures that you benefit fully when joining the online classes.
The induction classes are small and held face to face in the studio.


MELT Online Classes

There will be two online MELT classes on Mondays at 1pm and Thursdays at 8.15pm. Both classes are 45 minutes and are suitable for any clients who have attended the 6 week Induction classes or who have had MELT 1-2-1’s. The classes will be a mix of the MELT moves taught in the induction classes or in the individual 1-2-1’s and we will do different MELT Maps each week. Due to the times of the classes, the two classes will also have different MELT sequences, as the Thursday evening class will be a great way to switch off after a busy day. To attend the MELT Online classes, you will need MELT balls and rollers.