Lisa offers 1-2-1 sessions from her studio, for both Pilates and MELT. 

If you are wishing to enquire about possible 1-2-1 classes, pleasecontact Lisa directly to check availability.  

If you wish to come to a 1:1 as a pair, whether that be husband and wife, mother and daughter or two friends wishing to encourage one another., there is the additional cost of £15.00 per session. 

Introduction to Pilates/MELT – £40

Before clients can join Lisa’s face to face or online classes, they will need to have an introductory 1-2-1 with Lisa in her studio in Wokingham.  Prior to the session, clients will need to complete a comprehensive client questionnaire.  The first 1-2-1 will include assessments and will allow Lisa and the client to get to know each other and ensure the client feels comfortable joining a group class.  Sometimes, clients will need more than one 1-2-1 before they are ready to join a class. 

Refresher Pilates/MELT 1-2-1– £50

These 1-2-1’s are suitable for clients who are existing clients and would like to go through moves and exercises to ensure that clients are performing the moves correctly.  Lisa does recommend if clients are doing the online classes, that they have at least one 1-2-1 every 12 months. 

Pilates/MELT 1-2-1’s – £50

Lisa does offer 1-2-1’s on an ongoing basis.  These can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or whenever suits the client. Some clients do a mix of 1-2-1’s online and face to face classes.